Automation Breakthroughs

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The Automation Breakthroughs eBook is packed with great customer stories to help you on your automation journey.

From starting to scaling or even transforming your organization, you will hear how customers have adopted automation to grow their business to greater heights.

It all started with a demo that Jason did for us showing the power of RPA using UiPath. The moment for me was, ‘hey, if I can make this happen in HR, I think we can do a lot of wonders in terms of what we want to'

Tony Kee, Head of Rewards & HRIS, Starhub

This eBook summarizes the "Automation Breakthroughs - Customers Unplugged" event in 3 chapters:

Getting Started

Businesses at this point are convinced that automation is necessary to flourish. But there are still some kinks to be ironed out to successfully implement digital transformation.


After reaping the benefits of automation, businesses at this stage are ready to ramp up their capabilities and develop a digital roadmap towards expansion.


With a hybrid workforce of humans and machines, and employees empowered to develop more robots, a digital revolution is underway to capture the long-term value of automation.

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