The 'people' side of automation: Dealing with change

The how-to guide on addressing change management, featuring Security Benefit

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The hardest part of any technology implementation is behavioral change. When implementing intelligent automation, emphasizing how it empowers your people to engage in higher-value work can lead to impressive results. 

Engaging employees early in your digital transformation allows them to better understand what’s in it for them, so they’ll be excited about automation, not skeptical of it. We learn from the Security Benefit story that sharing the advantages of automation can uncover a whole new set of ideas and processes that intelligent automation and RPA (robotic process automation) can address, helping the team feel involved and ready to elevate their skillset

Download this white paper for an in depth look at the people side of automation change management. UiPath Insurance industry expert, Elaine Mannix provides the key factors for managing the people side of change management that can set your organization up for success. In addition, Jean Younger of Security Benefit shares best practices to get upper-level stakeholders on board with RPA change management early in the process. 


Jean Younger - J.D., CPCU VP, Chief Digital Officer, and Six Sigma Leader at Security Benefit

Elaine Mannix - Global Insurance Lead at UiPath

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