Automation Governance: Extending Automation's Benefits in a Systematic and Disciplined Way

  • Understand the drivers of the need for comprehensive automation governance 

  • Explore how to maintain governance at every stage in the automation lifecycle with the UiPath Platform 

  • Learn how to automate at scale with well-governed citizen development 

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Given the enthusiasm for robotic process automation (RPA) businesses start thinking about scaling RPA responsibly to transform into a fully automated enterprise™. As automation adoption spreads across every department of an organization, it's important to protect customer and employee information and the integrity of the processes. 

Without a comprehensive governance program for automation development, a company exposes itself, its customers, and its partners to greater risk. It's essential to apply consistent governance to every phase of the automation lifecycle, especially if your organization is seeking to scale RPA.

"Comprehensive automation governance will include detailed audit trails that can be used for everything from debugging to regulatory compliance and forensic security examinations." 

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