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Automation is driving customer outcomes and value

Partner ecosystem opportunity with UiPath

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This e-book provides insights into the UiPath partner ecosystem and how partners are leveraging UiPath to capture the value of automation to scale their businesses.

The purpose of this report is to help current and prospective partners understand how the UiPath Business Automation Platform and the company’s partner program help partners achieve growth and return on investment.

IDC interviewed executives at key UiPath partners globally to determine how they are leveraging UiPath software and partnership opportunities to capture the value of robotic process automation (RPA) and related automation platform technologies.

UiPath partners provide:

  • Business services

  • Add-on software solutions

  • IT services, hardware, and networking

  • Resale of UiPath products

This study found that the partners interviewed accelerated growth from their UiPath investments, which included gaining expertise in the use of UiPath, development of intellectual property around the UiPath Platform, and focusing on quick time to value.