With AI-enhanced automations, businesses can identify new opportunities, reduce cost, and improve productivity. UiPath AI Center helps you orchestrate all moving pieces of AI, enabling you to instantly apply the limitless cognitive power of AI to any software currently being automated by RPA.

In this UiPath whitepaper, you will get a guide on the challenges and benefits of implementing and scaling AI. You will also learn how quick and easy it is to deploy, consume, manage, and improve your machine learning models through a single platform, AI Center.

“When conceptualizing RPA and AI, it can be helpful to think of AI as the brain, and RPA as the hands. It’s when the two are combined that complex tasks can be completed.”

AI brings RPA to a new level. It expands automation capability, accelerates decision making, and even helps decrease the risk of error. And the good news? With our out-of-the-box starter models, anyone can easily deploy the models in a scalable production environment within a few clicks.

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