An IDC Buyer Case Study:

BSH Embraces Robotic Process Automation and Accelerates Digitalization with the UiPath Platform

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The “Future of Work” is about the rise of the human as the new driver of value—with skills such as imagination, creativity, and empathy gaining prominence. This human-centeredness requires entirely new work environments, organizational structures, and metrics for success. In this context, robotic process automation (RPA) solutions are vital to the success of any company’s DX journey. RPA incorporates digital workers—essentially, these are software robots that, when initiated at predefined times or triggered by an external event, can automatically execute deterministic, repetitive, standardized, high-volume, and rules-based tasks by capturing and analyzing structured data and working across several interoperable systems (such as applications).

This IDC Buyer Case Study will show:

  • The key reasons BSH chose UiPath to address its business requirements

  • How organizations seeking to automate their centralized and distributed processes can follow the example set by BSH.

  • Practical guidance to companies aiming to bolster their operational efficiency and employee satisfaction via end-to-end automation

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