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Charting The Automation Journey: A 3-Stage Model

Your step-by-step guide to navigating a successful automation program

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Automation is now one of the most important components for successful digital transformation. The challenge is to scale automations quickly and effectively across your business. This informative white paper builds on best practice and real-world experience to help effectively progress along your automation journey.

A simple, three stage model

UiPath has created a simple three stage model to share how you can accelerate your journey whatever your current level of automation maturity.

Stage 1: Getting started

Moving smoothly from initial pilot to full production

Stage 2: Scaling across the enterprise

Enabling enterprise automations with transformative impact

Stage 3: Transforming the business

Changing the shape of work with a ‘robot for every person’

Reading this essential white paper, you’ll learn about:

  • Assessing your own level of automation maturity

  • How to identify and prioritize processes

  • Key roles and responsibilities at each stage of the model

  • RPA technology selection and implementation

  • Building organizational and governance structures to scale automations

  • Enabling your staff to be part of the automaton journey

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