Customer experience in telecom

Powering a better customer experience with AI and automation

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The telecommunications industry is a crowded and competitive market. And while telecoms can compete on network speeds and data plans, they are finding that the way they do business—especially the experience they provide—is just as important as winning and retaining customers.

That’s why innovative telecoms are turning to AI-powered automation to help them anticipate customer sentiment, reduce churn, improve agents’ job satisfaction, while transforming back-office processes that fuel better customer experiences.

In this e-book you’ll discover how customer experience and contact center leaders in telecoms are using AI-powered automation to:

  • Make it easier for customers to help themselves

  • Give agents the tools and time to deliver better support

  • Build efficiencies behind the scenes

Download the e-book and learn how UiPath can help turn your vision for a better customer experience into an everyday reality.