PeerPaper™ Report 2023

5 Ways Document Understanding Can Improve Your Processes

Based on Real User Experiences with UiPath

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Even as businesses go paperless, there’s still a great deal of “paperwork” for employees to handle. Documents come in various forms, and upon arrival, they need to be read, interpreted, sorted, and sent to the proper system or department.  

UiPath Document Understanding combines AI and automation to address complex document processing and eliminates manual extraction headaches by having robots read, understand, and act on documents.

In this paper, users of UiPath Document Understanding discuss how AI-powered automation helps make business processes perform better. Companies using Document Understanding can:

  • Automate highly manual document processing tasks to accelerate productivity rates

  • Save time and costs spent on paperwork with easy to deploy and maintain automations 

  • Mitigate errors and decrease the response time to deliver better customer experience 

  • Help employees escape from mundane chores and focus on higher value tasks