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PeerSpot: Driving RPA Adoption with a Center of Excellence (CoE)

Find out what it takes to successfully deploy RPA in your Center of Excellence (CoE).

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An RPA CoE is a key success factor in driving widespread organizational adoption of automation. A center of excellence helps embed RPA where it’s needed most to make businesses more profitable and free teams from mundane repetitive tasks.

RPA CoEs help select processes to be automated, provide technical expertise, and support training, awareness, and adoption.

This PeerSpot PeerPaper Report is based on real user reviews of UiPath. You’ll hear success stories from customers and best practices for starting and scaling your CoE.

There were approximately 200,000 invoices and we had a deadline of four days to complete the task. It began with us developing the bot, which was completed in less than a day. After that, we sent the bot to our production environment to start processing the invoices. We were successful in the task, through the parallelism of 50 robots; we could process 5 invoices per second.

NeoBPO’s Digital Efficiency and Innovation Manager

PeerSpot’s paper highlights the key success factors for a well-run Center of Excellence to get the most out of every automation.

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