Attended Automation: How Attended Robots and People Work Together in the Fully Automated Enterprise™

  • Learn the five key scenarios in which people and software robots can collaborate

  • Discover the enduring value of intelligent robots — and why every employee needs one

  • See how robots bolster productivity and accuracy while furthering employee success

See how

Collaboration between people and software robots is at the core of a fully automated enterprise™.

Robots can help alleviate the burden of tedious, repetitive tasks with accuracy and ease. By your side, they serve as a trusted teammate to support and inform your most important projects.

Powered with artificial intelligence (AI), robots are so intelligent that they can work with employees in five different ways. Whether you are letting the robot do the back-office tasks, communicating with it side-by-side, or employing another scenario, the potential to accelerate your business is virtually endless.

“Attended robots take over the cumbersome parts of a task and involve humans when they need their judgment and expertise. The result is a richer, more rewarding world of work for employees and more efficient business processes.”

This guide explores the full range of possibilities for delegating, collaborating, and exchanging information with attended robots. Download your exclusive copy of the Attended Automation e-book today and learn how people can unite with robots to create a prosperous future.

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