Over a quarter of working hours in central government can be freed up through automation1

Exiting the EU is one of the largest upheavals the UK Government has ever faced. Whatever the final outcome, the shape, scale and focus of Government is changing dramatically. More than 16,000 civil servants are being recruited and redeployed to the task. 2

Given the timescales, assigning more people is only part of the solution.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offers Central Government a way to free staff while increasing operational effectiveness. Robots work 24/7, need no training and can be scaled up in minutes to cope with huge workloads. Quick and cost-effective to develop and deploy, automations securely integrate new and legacy systems to ensure the information flow need to keep operations running smoothly during rapid change.

Exiting the EU provides the ideal opportunity for UK Government departments to accelerate their adoption of RPA and automation technologies. This white paper examines the benefits RPA brings to Central Government, both in day-to-day operations and meeting the challenge of leaving the EU.

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