Why Automation and AI Will Define the Future World of Work

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Automation and artificial intelligence are no longer mere “nice to have” capabilities. They are imperative to enable companies to realize their digital transformation goals and compete effectively. To succeed with intelligent automation at scale, customers will need solutions that are simple to deploy. Download this White Paper to learn how the UiPath Platform provides just such a solution, with tools targeted at automation developers as well as citizen developers.

Among the use cases to which automated document processing may apply:

  • Finance groups can automate invoice processing, using AI-based models to “read” invoices and extract relevant data for input into downstream processing applications. They can also automate customer acquisition processes such as onboarding as well as day-to-day processes such as procure to pay, order to cash, record to report, and risk management.

  • Health insurance companies can automate claims processing, generating significant savings. It costs health insurance companies about $28 to manually process a claim but only $3 to auto-adjudicate a claim.

  • Human resources groups can automate processes such as payroll and employee onboarding. AI-based tools can also be trained to screen resumes by using NLP, looking for those from candidates with predefined levels of experience, skill sets, and work history, for example.

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