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Identifying the Real Business Value of RPA

Real world examples demonstrating the strategic benefits of automation

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Robotic process automation (RPA) has gained a reputation for delivering business efficiency and cost optimization. But now, automation is delivering far greater benefits to organizations of all sizes. It has become a key technology as businesses digitally transform.

In this guide, organizations from across the globe talk about the business value they’re receiving from their automation journeys. It outlines how they have achieved benefits across four business drivers:

  • Business growth & resilience

  • Operational efficiency

  • Customer experience

  • Employee experience

As soon as I saw the RPA demo, I realized two things: first, if that’s real, that’s going to change everything, and second, there were so many ways that RPA could help our company. It turns out that RPA was real, and even easier to implement than we first thought.”

Shane Jason Mock, VP of Research, American Fidelity

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