An Intelligent Automation Leader’s Toolkit for Process Mining

Tips for automation and transformation leaders and teams integrating process mining into their initiatives.

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According to a recent Everest Group survey, Automation leaders face the following challenges:  

  • Struggling to maintain a healthy automation pipeline. 

  • Limited process understanding, which can make it hard to know where to introduce automation, vs. streamlining and standardizing processes before introducing automation.  

  • Predicting ROI and creating compelling business cases to gain upper management buy-in for automation.  

  • Tracking automations and the impact of process changes on KPIs. 

To keep automation programs thriving, leaders are increasingly turning to process mining, an AI-powered process analytics tool that sees more than you can see. 

By revealing the ins and outs of how end-to-end processes are executed, process mining helps you discover ways to make your processes work even better through automation and process improvements, all prioritized by business impact.   

Download the toolkit to dive into how this transformative technology can help you understand and automate intricate and extensive business processes.