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IT Central Station: Making the Move to Cloud-Based RPA: Key Considerations

Find out what it takes to successfully deploy robotic process automation (RPA) in the cloud.

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With RPA growing in popularity among businesses of all sizes, many companies have started to adopt cloud-based RPA solutions. While the cloud isn’t ideal for every RPA implementation, it offers a number of advantages including flexibility and cost reductions. In this PeerPaper Report, IT Central Station has gathered UiPath users’ experiences with using UiPath Automation Cloud™ to adopt cloud RPA or establish a hybrid cloud/on-premises RPA deployment.

“The fact that this is a SaaS solution means we are able to innovate much faster when it comes to automation … The speed is much better because we’re doing it in the cloud.”

IT Central Station shares unbiased reviews from the tech community. This paper highlights the key factors to consider when adopting cloud or hybrid RPA, such as being able to move quickly, staying secure, focusing on economics, and selecting a solution that enables scalability and easy integration. Download your full copy of the IT Central Station PeerPaper Report today to gain an understanding of the benefits Automation Cloud™ can bring to your organization.

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