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Evolving the Purchase-to-Pay Value Stream: What’s Next
for Procurement?

Stay Ahead of the Curve by Implementing KPI-Driven Automation in Your Procurement Strategy

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Processes keep organizations running and directly influence what’s important to the business. Understanding them is key to maintaining cross-departmental collaboration, achieving growth milestones, and implementing the right technology across the board. 

The purchase-to-pay (P2P) process is a financial process that touches many departments within a company. It involves activities from the moment a company requests a good or service from a supplier until it pays for that good or service, and its efficiency is crucial to customer satisfaction and cost reduction. To effectively improve the process, organizations must have a data-driven foundation and use integrated process discovery capabilities and process mining. Through optimization and automation, companies can increase process efficiency, reduce costs, and stay competitive. 

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  • The advantages of optimizing the P2P process with process mining 

  • How you can improve the P2P process by laying out your existing data into a comprehensive process graph and providing transparent insights 

  • How you can directly influence key business metrics in P2P, using modern discovery techniques, automation and process improvements