Evolving the order-to-cash value stream: what’s next for order management?

Stay ahead of the curve by implementing KPI-driven automation in your order management strategy

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Order-to-cash (O2C) is an enterprise process chain with touchpoints across departments with the goal of delivering goods to a customer in exchange for cash. 

The process significantly influences key outcomes like customer satisfaction and cash flow, yet many enterprises bear the cost of inefficiencies across the O2C process, such as a high-volume of rework and delivery delays. 

Few can pinpoint the root causes, and even fewer can swiftly act to improve them.  

With the prevalence of AI, automation, and discovery technologies like process mining, organizations now have the means to quickly and accurately identify and resolve process blockers, understand how to remove them, and ultimately transform how they operate.  

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  • The advantage of optimizing the O2C process with UiPath Process Mining 

  • How you can improve the O2C process by laying out your existing data into a comprehensive process graph and providing transparent insights 

  • How to use a combination of discovery techniques, AI, and automation to align your overarching strategic goals and KPIs