Overcoming the Automation Paradox

Reinventing business through automation requires enlisting the entire organization, but many companies struggle to overcome the hurdles.

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New research by Bain & Company and UiPath shows that 86% of employees want to use automation but only 30% of business leaders give them access to it, and even fewer (5%) allow them to create their own automations.

To maximize the benefits of automation at scale, it is critical now more than ever for companies to overcome this paradox by involving employees in the journey.

In this brief, you will:

  • Get access to cutting-edge research from Bain & Company and UiPath about how employees engage with automation today

  • Learn about common adoption blockers leaders and employees face—and four steps you can take to overcome them

  • Hear from experts at Bain & Company and UiPath about the value of democratizing automation across the enterprise

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