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PeerSpot: RPA and the Fulfillment of the CIO’s Mandate

Find out how RPA helps CIOs deliver transformative business outcomes in this report based on real user experiences with UiPath.

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While the CIO’s mandate varies from company to company, it generally follows the same theme: Make the IT department more efficient. But with limited headcount, finite resources, and a never-ending task list, efficiency can be hard to come by.

That’s why IT leaders are turning to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to liberate their departments from routine work so they can focus on adding more value to the business.

In this report from PeerSpot, you’ll see how RPA helps the CIO create efficiencies and accomplish other goals, such as managing costs, sparking innovation, and improving security and compliance while bolstering customer satisfaction. This paper is based on real user experiences with UiPath, published on PeerSpot.

"Using [UiPath RPA] is enabling us to move the drive for digital transformation to the core. We can now take automation to a level it has never been to.”—Solution Architect for an engineering company

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