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PeerSpot: Realizing the Benefits of RPA in the Legal Field

How robotic process automation is being applied in the legal field to save time and improve compliance.

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Day-to-day legal and compliance work is often repetitive and document-intensive, which makes it well-suited to robotic process automation (RPA). From searching public databases, to compiling documents, and communicating compliance reminders, UiPath users are finding that RPA helps them complete mundane tasks faster and with fewer errors.

In this PeerPaper report, PeerSpot examines how RPA can take on the overhead-heavy distractions in legal and compliance that get in the way of work that’s interesting and profitable.

We used a robot instead of a small army of paralegals to generate the documentation and draft up the emails where we had to communicate with 2,000 to 3,000 people.

- Lead Consultant at Konexo, a UK legal firm

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