PeerSpot: What It Takes for Robots and Humans to Work Together

Get this report on attended automation use cases, based on real user reviews of UiPath.

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While the idea of robots and humans working together may seem like a sci-fi movie, it’s a far more practical concept used by businesses worldwide right now. Robotic process automation (RPA) software robots can work with humans to reduce tedious manual tasks and expedite processes in what’s known as attended automation.

This report from review platform PeerSpot—formerly IT Central Station—outlines common attended automation use cases and breaks down the critical success factors for attended automation based on reviews from UiPath users.

You’ll discover that a successful attended automation platform:

  • Works well with various applications

  • Launches easily from the desktop

  • Works in the background when necessary

  • And much more

Download the report today to learn how attended automation drives time savings and frees up talent for more valuable work.