Digital transformation is essential for companies that want to remain competitive in an unpredictable business landscape, yet few companies have the ability to lead such change effectively.

This white paper provides an overview of the UiPath strategy for the modern workplace, where companies enable every employee to use, create, and benefit from automated processes—driving business impact at scale. The paper defines ‘a robot for every person™’, explains how employees engage with software robots, and shows how the UiPath Platform helps distribute the benefits of automations across the enterprise. It also provides an overview of how to get started—and the big benefits that a robot for every person can bring to your organization.

With software robots on every desktop, it is not just individuals who benefit—it is also teams, departments, and entire companies and their customers.

A robot for every person isn’t just a strategy; it’s the world’s future. Software robots take care of repetitive tasks so that employees can leverage their most important qualities—like creativity and human connection—and put it to work for your bottom line. Companies that want to not only stay relevant, but lead the world forward, should learn to embrace RPA throughout every corner of their organization.

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