Robotic Process Automation for Carriers

Taking a strategic approach to reduce costs, optimize human resources, and improve customer experience

Today’s communication service providers (CSPs) operate in an increasingly competitive environment. In addition, many face heightened regulations, skills shortages, and rising customer expectations. To adapt, they must explore effective ways to consolidate data and streamline processes, maximizing the impact of their workforce.

A robotic process automation (RPA) solution enhanced with the power of artificial intelligence (AI) will help achieve these objectives and more. RPA can reduce costs, increase quality, deliver greater value and a better experience for customers—all while freeing up employees to do more high-value, meaningful work.

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  • Discover automation use cases and RPA best practices for the CSP telecom sector

  • Learn fundamentals about UiPath AI-enhanced RPA technology

  • Explore the strengths of Virtusa and the UiPath Platform for CSPs

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