Survey report shows that Government is using automation to create capacity and improve service to citizens

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Organizations across the public sector have experienced how automation builds capacity at an exponential rate, enabling the workforce to do more and to do better with the help of “digital assistants”. Once agencies experience the value of automation, they continuously uncover ways to automate the automatable to deliver more and deliver better to citizens.

Read the report “RPA’s expanding role in government” to learn how digital assistants are growing in use to help public sector workers focus on higher value work and on serving the mission. You’ll learn:

  • Common use cases for automation across government—to give you ideas of how to begin

  • Major barriers to RPA adoption—to help you prepare

  • How RPA and AI work together to support automation—to help you jumpstart your efforts

  • The growth in use and planned use of RPA – to inspire you to get started

Download the full report, “RPA’s expanding role in government,” for the detailed findings.

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