Why every government agency needs Robotic Process Automation

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It’s estimated that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) could save the NHS over £495 million each year.

The Civil Service has established an RPA Centre of Excellence to educate central government and drive adoption. Yet, the UK Public Sector still lags behind other industries in realising the benefits of RPA.

RPA is ideally suited for central and local government organisations – especially the NHS – as it helps you fulfill three key strategic objectives: reduce cost, increase efficiency and improve citizen experience. It frees employees from repetitive tasks to increase their productivity and job satisfaction.

“Our experience (of RPA) suggests the return on investment is around 15:1.”

Shaun Williamson, Senior Product Manager, Department of Work and Pensions

The DWP used RPA to clear a backlog of 30,000 claims in two weeks, which would have taken several thousand hours to achieve manually.

A new report ‘Robotic Process Automation: Transforming Central and Local Government’ looks at the impact the technology can make in UK public sectors, including local government, the NHS, and the police services.