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Renewal, Resilience, and Readiness:

Unleashing the Power of RPA Across the U.S. Economy

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The COVID-19 pandemic has created imperatives for government entities to address severe economic and societal disruptions and help businesses and individuals recover from shutdown shock. At the same time, since the start of the pandemic, we have witnessed an unprecedented use of digital technologies, which has accelerated and prioritized digital transformation initiatives across industries.

As we emerge from the pandemic, many policies will be adopted to mitigate the crisis' impact and foster a resilient future. In this new world, robotic process automation (RPA) helps businesses and public sector organizations readjust, increase productivity and efficiency, and boost the workforce's potential. RPA is also underpinning a broad and profound digital transformation for public and private organizations worldwide.

RPA and artificial intelligence (AI) can be leveraged as a springboard to push forward on critical recovery initiatives, such as:

  1. Helping United States (U.S.) businesses recover, grow, and thrive

  2. Streamlining and modernizing government at all levels

  3. Ensuring workforce readiness and fostering meaningful employment in 21st century jobs

“RPA [has] potential to empower non-IT professionals and process owners with the tools to automate a significant share of their workload...With effective RPA deployment, machine learning and intelligent automation are only a few manageable steps away.”—Federal RPA Playbook, January 2020

In this position paper, we elaborate on why—at this unique point in history—RPA can help support the economic recovery and enable the digital transition. We discuss how RPA can be used to strengthen the operations of U.S. businesses by boosting their resilience and productivity; to deliver new efficiency throughout government processes; and equipping the workforce with the skills needed in the future of work. We also share insights on how RPA helped nonprofits save time to enable more resources for mission-critical work and deliver workforce training programs for 21st-century jobs.

The plans for economic recovery call for a complex set of policies, tools, and programs. We believe that RPA can be a potent 'arrow in the quiver' for federal, state, and local governments—as well as for American businesses and citizens—as we move forward and into a future of renewal, resilience, and readiness.

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