Scaling Robotic Process Automation

  • Discover best practices for growing from small-scale RPA deployment to a full automation program

  • Learn about different RPA operating models and scaling approaches

  • Achieve the maximum potential of automation at your organization through strategic scaling

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Many businesses reach a point after their initial experiments with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) where they are seeing success in batches of automated processes but are unsure how to prepare for large-scale deployment.

In this white paper, UiPath Chief Strategy Officer Vargha Moayed shares his insights from helping many clients cross the chasm from limited deployment to full-scale automation program over the last five years. You’ll learn how to strategize your scaling approach, what resources will be required, best practices for ramp-up and roll-out, what benefits you can expect to see, and much more.

As an increasing number of clients are demonstrating it is possible to scale and reap substantial benefits, we hope that by reading this white paper you will be encouraged to scale, and more importantly that you will be able to shorten your journey thanks to the learnings we have been able to gather so far.”

— Vargha Moayed, Chief Strategy Officer, UiPath

Don’t let your RPA plans stall at the limited deployment phase. Achieve the full benefits of automation with a large-scale automation program.

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