Revenue is Calling at the Telecommunications Contact Center

An EY and UiPath perspective on automation and the last mile of the telecommunications contact center transformation

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The telecom contact center has traditionally been a place to retain customers, a cost of doing business, to help solve problems and protect company revenue. As telecom products and services become more-and-more commoditized, customer experience is becoming the brand differentiator, not the robustness of the network or having an exclusive on the latest new phone.

Opportunities are calling at the digital-enablement layer to transform their contact centers into a revenue driver for their business. Revenue generation at the contact center will not happen organically, though. Telecoms need to make it happen at the digital-enablement layer—the last mile of digital transformation where customers and contact center operators converge.

Download this white paper for a look at how the UiPath automation platform and EY’s process expertise can help you transform this new last mile. You’ll get insights on where the industry is going and pragmatic examples including an automation potential heatmap, and case study from a leading North American telecom company.

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