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EHR QA testing in the age of Generative AI

A practical guide to choosing the right platform for AI-powered continuous testing in healthcare

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In the healthcare industry, the pursuit of maximizing automation coverage for testing effectiveness has been hindered by UI challenges in the most widely used EHR in the world, resulting in costly and slow manual testing.

With Generative AI-testing, you now have the potential to maximize testing coverage and boost your testing process.

Use this guide to map your course to a more efficient testing strategy and achieve:

  • Streamlined Epic release cycles for faster time to market

  • Comprehensive testing coverage to ensure maximum quality and reliability

  • Minimized risk of production issues for a seamless user experience

  • Empowered testers who can focus on strategic and high-value tasks

Download this practical guide and get the best insights on how to choose the right platform for AI-powered continuous testing in healthcare. Elevate your testing capabilities to deliver exceptional results.