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The Strategic Importance of Automation

Automation is no longer an emerging technology. Across Europe, 30%¹ of companies are already using Intelligent Automation (IA) technologies. Another 37%² are planning on doing so by the end of 2023, according to IDC.

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While many started applying automation tactically, it is now considered of strategic importance. Nearly 35%³ of senior leaders say it is a top investment priority with many benefits beyond just improving efficiency.

IA should be seen as a critical enabler for every modern business to survive and thrive in today's volatile and uncertain environment. It plays a crucial role in addressing four distinct strategic challenges that organizations across industries face today:

  • Maximizing business adaptability and resilience

  • Supporting employee satisfaction, engagement, and empowerment

  • Smoothing the path of sustainability, transparency, and customer trust initiatives

  • Breaking through the blockers for true digital transformation

By reading this e-book, business executives and leaders will have a clear understanding of the strategic value of IA and will be primed to take action to explore how a vendor like UiPath can help them transform their business.

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