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Webinar: Want to explore what process mining is all about?


Photo of Frederik de Hosson

Frederik de Hosson

Head of RPA sales, UiPath

Photo of Staffan Johansson

Staffan Johansson

Sales Manager, UiPath

Process mining is a technique to analyze and monitor processes. In traditional business process management, it is done with process workshops and interviews, which results in an idealized picture of a process. Process mining, however, uses existing data available in corporate information systems and automatically displays the real process.

RPA and Process Mining are like peanut butter and jelly. Before working on an RPA project, you want to scientifically plan the automation of your processes and after implementing RPA understand how to monitor and improve your automated processes. This is easily done with the Uipath ProcessGold platform.

  • You will get the insight why Process Mining is important for your organization
  • You will get a demo to see how it works
  • You will be able to ask any question and get the answers you need

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