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The Power of RPA: Enhance Citizen Services and Public Sector Efficiency with Automation




Joel Cherkis September 27 2019

Public Sector Automation White Paper - Digital Transformation | UiPath

At UiPath, we’ve seen several trends emerging from our public sector clients across the globe, which indicate that public sector institutions could benefit greatly from automating processes. Challenges like changing demographics, shrinking budgets, and an increasing demand from citizens for streamlined digital services all present very real obstacles for public institutions.


Yet trying to tackle the challenges that governments face presents a situation compounded by legacy systems and processes, which are so characteristic of public sector offices. The hurdles impeding efficient and digital public services are something many of our public sector clients have spoken about. In fact, some of them believe so strongly in automation as a solution that they are even sharing their success stories.


In the latest UiPath white paper, “The Path to Digital Government: How Automation Helps Governments Enhance Citizen Services and Improve Agency Productivity,” you will learn:

  • What the common challenges are facing governments, for which Robotic Process Automation (RPA) presents a solution,
  • How some of our government clients have already gone about optimizing processes with RPA,
  • What have been the results of automation for these clients, and
  • How RPA is helping the public sector improve citizen services and transform into digital governments.

Automation has had a positive impact on tackling the common challenges to public sector work. Read our white paper to learn more about how RPA can play a critical role in reinvigorating the public sector workforce.


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Joel Cherkis is vice president of global public sector industry at UiPath.


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