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8 April 2019

Bring Legal Processes into the 21st Century: RPA for Legal and Compliance

8 April 2019

Bring Legal Processes into the 21st Century: RPA for Legal and Compliance

Corporate legal and compliance departments have a critical role to play in protecting businesses from unnecessary risk and compliance failure. Yet, optimizing the work of these departments requires confronting a number of challenges. Many of the challenges lay in the way departments perform daily tasks. For legal departments, becoming more efficient means examining the way they perform their daily tasks, automating them, and moving their highly-skilled legal professionals to a point where they perform more strategic work, and less routine work.


But this requires employing the right technology that can help legal enhance their value to an organization by focusing on meaningful work. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that can help legal departments do just that. A business can program RPA software robots to perform certain tasks in a way similar to how humans perform them. When enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI) components like visual understanding and document understanding, the ability to automate and reap its benefits becomes even more accessible.


What tasks can RPA help legal perform more efficiently?


In our whitepaper, which focuses on the optimizing power of RPA, we lay out several aspects of the work performed by legal and compliance departments that can and should be automated. Some of these include export control, regulation checks, and contract management. All of these activities have a common thread. They require a number of sub-tasks that highly-skilled legal professionals often perform for an organization that software robots can effectively and accurately perform. The sub-tasks, while critical to the larger process, can distract from bigger-picture objectives.


Through harnessing today’s technology, legal and compliance departments remove the tasks that bog their professionals down and hamstring their ability to work on cases that fall outside of the norm and the work that requires greater thought.


There’s work that is more suitable for your legal professionals, and there’s work that’s more suitable for modern technology.


Check out our whitepaper to learn more about how modern legal and compliance departments are rethinking the way they do business, and how RPA can support more effective work:


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by Robert Stewart

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