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5 March 2019

Automating Finance & Accounting: How RPA Will Transform F&A

5 March 2019

Automating Finance & Accounting: How RPA Will Transform F&A

There are several reasons why you might want to rethink the way your business currently carries out its processes: the pressure to reduce costs and support decreasing margins, the need to improve operational speed and quality, or the drive to keep up with and take advantage of the disruptive shifts in technology emerging today.


These shifts are powerful, and they are rapid-fire. As a result, everywhere around you business models and accounting roles are changing. Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and other finance professionals are expected to offer increasingly forward-looking solutions that provide strategic direction for the enterprise, which is excellent! But, meanwhile, they still need to juggle all the variables of their traditional roles and there isn’t enough time or enough energy for everything.


Lead your organization on its path to growth


No wonder Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become such a favorite topic among finance professionals over the last few years. RPA mimics human actions to carry out the lowest-value work that typically consumes the most significant amount of energy. And as you will see from this report, those who try it are quick to reap the benefits: cost-effective operations that are fast and efficient, huge leaps in processing accuracy, and a happier, more engaged team that’s ready to lead and advise the enterprise on its path to growth.


So who is using RPA and how? Is it easy to adopt? What can I automate, and what must I consider when setting out to do it? Is it a one-time thing or a long-term commitment? How does it relate to Artificial Intelligence (AI)? What will happen to my department during and after RPA? Let’s find out.


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by Mina Deckard

TOPICS: Finance and Accounting Processes, F&A

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