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Automation Breakthroughs

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8 mins

Automation: The New Layer in your Enterprise Stack

Automation today has RPA at its core, but also much more. A new layer that sits above applications, it connects everyone and everything – humans to robots, and robots to complex processes that deal with manual, repetitive work.
  • Rick Harshman
    Rick Harshman Senior Vice President Asia Pacific & Japan
20 mins

Here’s Your Answer to Delivering Better Customer Value

What does an environment services company and insurance firm have in common? They removed inefficiencies with automation. Hear Cher Mitchell-Vialle from Veolia and Probir Dutt from IAG share tips to adopting automation.
Veolia Logo
  • Cher Mitchell-Viale
    Cher Mitchell-Viale Deputy Chief Financial Officer
  • Probir Dutt
    Probir Dutt Automation Evangelist
    Insurance Australia Group
12 mins

From "Deployment" to "Breakthrough": RPA in Finance and Securities

Minsheng Securities provides high-quality and efficient financial services, powered by a hyper-productive team of “digital employees”. Find out how they turned into a fully automated enterprise.
Minsheng Securities
  • Zherui Wu
    Zherui Wu Head of Information Technology
    Minsheng Securities
  • Fanny Feng
    Fanny Feng Account Director
8 mins

How to Overcome the Entry Barriers to Automation in the BFSI Sector

With a strict security environment, it is not easy to introduce automation to the Finance sector. Learn how MG Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives (KFCCC) overcame this hurdle.
  • Byung-Ok Jeong
    Byung-Ok Jeong General Manager of IT Quality Control
  • Charles Kim
    Charles Kim Principal Sales Engineer
11 mins

Unleash the Twin Powers of AI & RPA

Combine AI and RPA , and the benefits are boundless. Find out how LG Chem shortened the lead time for Optical Character Recognition modelling with AI, and leveraged Document Understanding to improve employee experience.
LG Chem logo
  • Hyungki Son
    Hyungki Son Professional of AI Team
    LG Chem
  • Charles Kim
    Charles Kim Principal Sales Engineer
14 mins

Tips on Scaling Automation in Consumer Businesses

Leading consumer brands Reckitt and Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages will discuss the benefits of a fully automated enterprise mindset. They will also address scaling automation: from lines of business such as Finance, and eCommerce, as well as geographies.
HCCB logo Reckitt logo
  • Tanmay Agarwal
    Tanmay Agarwal Vice President & Head of Shared Services
    Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages
  • Vijay Purohit
    Vijay Purohit IT Director – Corporate Function & Automation
Thursday 15 July
7 mins

Unlock Full Automation Potential - It's Never Been Easier

Instead of building your own tools to scale RPA, use a platform that does the heavy lifting for you. Find out how the UiPath Platform allows you to discover, build, run, scale and govern your automations – all in one place.
  • Callum Eade
    Callum Eade VP of Emerging Products APJ
18 mins

The Digital Force that is Driving Manufacturing Leader to New Heights

After successfully deploying RPA across all functional divisions, Sany has reached the automation breakthroughs by shortening workflow, reducing complexity and improving productivity.
Sany logo Deloitte logo
  • Sean Feng
    Sean Feng Corporate Chairman Assistant
    Sany Group
  • Silas Zhu
    Silas Zhu Partner
    Deloitte China
15 mins

Enter a New Era of Supply Chain Management with Automation

In this fireside chat, speakers from SF Supply Chain, a leading organisation in Greater China, will reveal how they transformed their business with automation and digitalisation, resulting in greater efficiency and responsiveness.
SF Supply Chain Greater China logo
  • Felix Yang
    Felix Yang Accelerated Digitalization Head
    SF Supply Chain Greater China
  • Lei Chen
    Lei Chen Director, Global Services China
15 mins

Bridging the IT Gap: The Role of Citizen Developers

Automation development is no longer exclusive to the IT team. Learn how LG U+ nurtured a cohort of citizen developers through active internal promotions, empowering them with organised training curriculums.
LG U+ logo
  • Inho Kim
    Inho Kim Professional of Network Innovation Team
    LG U+
  • Jay Lee
    Jay Lee Senior Customer Success Manager
22 mins

Start to Scale: In Conversation with Automation Users

There is no one path to automation. Gain multiple perspectives from Hyojung, who spearheaded several automation projects for her company Cheil; and Seungtae, VP of SK Telecom where a mature automation strategy has taken root.
Cheil SK Telecom
  • Hyojung Jang
    Hyojung Jang Account Executive of Digital Platforms
  • Seungtae Hong
    Seungtae Hong VP of RPA Implementation
    SK Telecom
  • Jay Lee
    Jay Lee Senior Customer Success Manager
15 mins

The Rise of Digital Commerce – Meeting Consumer Expectations with Automation

When telco StarHub’s online promotions caused a surge in sales, meeting delivery expectations became a challenge. Discover its automation solution, a citizen developer initiative that is integral to its digital transformation.
Starhub logo
  • Jason Liew
    Jason Liew RPA CoE Leader
  • Tony Kee
    Tony Kee Head of Rewards and HRIS
  • Christine Huah
    Christine Huah Account Director
12 mins

Automation Scaling - Simple, Supported, Safe and Socialized

On a mission to enhance lives through digital services, AIS turned to automation, empowering over 700 employees with RPA skills, while keeping their program simple, supported, safe and socialized. Join this session to hear about its remarkable journey.
AIS Thailand logo
  • Arakin Rakchittapoke
    Arakin Rakchittapoke Head of Novel Engine Execution Team
    AIS Thailand
  • Andrew McBean
    Andrew McBean Sales Director
16 mins

Here’s a Tip: Simplify Your Automation Program

Speakers Aaron Tabone from Provider Assist, and Stuart Robertson from Toll Holdings share how trust – be it in the process, technology or the people managing the software robots – will help kickstart your automation journey.
Provider Assist logo Toll Group logo
  • Aaron Tabone
    Aaron Tabone Chief Information Officer
    Provider Assist
  • Stuart Robertson
    Stuart Robertson Global Head of Digital Technology
    Toll Holdings
19 mins

The Secret to a Better Customer Experience & Quality Governance Lies with Automation

Haresh of Kotak Mahindra Bank shares how automation enriches customer experience, while Rajdeep Ghosh of Dr. Reddy's Lab discusses the role of intelligent automation in redefining the quality control and assurance process.
  • Haresh Hiranandani
    Haresh Hiranandani Senior Vice President
    Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Rajdeep Ghosh
    Rajdeep Ghosh Vice President & Global Head, Digital CoE
    Dr. Reddy's Lab