Transform healthcare operations with AI and automation


Paul Torrey


Rajusiva Arunachalam

Suresh Kumar - Exponent Health

D.S. Suresh Kumar

Endless paperwork, administrative burdens, insurance claims—these are a few of the challenges that healthcare organizations must overcome.

AI-powered automation is creating new opportunities for addressing these challenges head-on. By automating tedious tasks, organizations can focus more on delivering quality care and advancing research initiatives.

During this on-demand session from our AI Summit, industry experts from Expion Health and Omega Healthcare joined to share insights on their automation journey. Learn how AI and automation can help with the toughest challenges in healthcare by:

  • Improving workforce optimization for healthcare providers

  • Streamlining research and development processes in biopharma

  • Enhancing employee experiences and patient outcomes through AI-driven solutions

Watch this recorded webinar to discover strategies for leveraging AI-powered automation to boost efficiency and drive impactful outcomes in your organization.

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