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At the virtual summit, we covered how enterprises are transforming with AI and automation and went through the latest UiPath AI capabilities and announcements, from intelligent document processing (IDP) to Autopilot™, and everything in between. We also walked the audience through the practical examples of Generative AI and Specialized AI delivering faster time to value for businesses of all sizes. 

Learn how to enhance productivity, elevate employee satisfaction, and delight customers by applying the latest advances in AI and automation. 

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Keynote: Transforming workspaces with AI-powered automation

AI and automation are changing the way we work. Join UiPath CPO Graham Sheldon and guest speaker, Rowan Curran from Forrester, as they kick off the AI Summit discussing the latest trends across the AI ecosystem and highlighting the newest UiPath AI-powered capabilities.

Graham Sheldon
Chief Product Officer, UiPath
Rowan Curran
Sr. Analyst, Forrester Research

Next-level operations: Why financial services are banking on AI and automation

Maximizing profit growth and efficiency is key to financial services. Join this session as we share how firms like OMERS are transforming operations and achieving innovation with AI and automation.

Vipin Jain
Director, Automation, Centre of Excellence, OMERS
William Hincher
Director Industry Practice, UiPath

How AI-powered automation is changing the insurance operating model

Unleash the power of your client data with AI-powered automation. Find out how leading firms are embracing AI-driven insights and putting them at the center of their operating models.

Eric Streem
Insurance Industry Lead, UiPath
Guilherme Batista
Operations & Process Manager, Hiscox

Putting AI to work in healthcare

From workforce optimization for healthcare providers to streamlining research and development in biopharma, AI-powered automation is creating new possibilities for improving employee experiences and patient outcomes. Hear how healthcare and life sciences organizations tackle their toughest use cases by putting AI to work safely and securely.

Paul Torrey
Senior Industry Practice Director, Healthcare, UiPath
Rajusiva Arunachalam
VP – Head of Automation and AI Practice, Omega Healthcare
D.S. Suresh Kumar
Chief Transformation Officer, Expion Health

Innovating through disruption: The new AI paradigm in manufacturing

Manufacturers face a perfect storm of rising costs, supply chain constraints, and inflation. Join industry experts as they showcase how AI-powered automation is helping them boost profitability and top-line growth.

Sebastian Seutter
Sr. Industry Practice Director, UiPath
Irmak Sismanoglu
Head of Process Digitalization, Arcelik

AI behind the wheel of public sector innovation

Join this on-the-ground session as Orange County Transportation Authority shares how AI and automation are driving innovation and better citizen outcomes.

Sumesh Nair
Public Sector Industry Lead, UiPath
Eden Wang
Information Systems Department Manager, Orange County Transportation Authority
Katrena Schulze
Information Systems Section Manager, Orange County Transportation Authority

AI-powered Continuous Discovery: Finding ‘eureka’ insights with AI

Data is scattered across the enterprise—embedded in systems, woven into communications, and entwined with daily tasks. Imagine unifying this data into a precise understanding of all business operations. Learn how AI is uncovering transformative opportunities for automation and improvement.

Arun Mehta
VP Product Management, UiPath
Willem Smith
Director, Product Management, UiPath
Rachel Wong
Sr. Product Manager, UiPath

Next-gen AI accelerating intelligent document processing (IDP)

The enterprise runs on communications and documents—join this session to learn how to process them automatically with AI. We’ll demonstrate the next-generation IDP in action and show you how to accelerate model training by up to 80% with no coding or ML skills required.

George Barnett
Product Management Director, UiPath
Andras Palfi
Senior Product Manager, UiPath

Autopilot in action: Five use cases that supercharge productivity

Meet your new work buddy. Designed for all, Autopilot makes everyone more productive through AI capabilities. Join to see how developers, business analysts, testers, and yes, you too, can instantly boost workspace efficiency.

Joe Edwards
Director Generative AI Experiences, UiPath
Imran Aziz
Director Product Management, UiPath

Integration Service: Use GenAI connectors to power your next automation

UiPath expands powerful AI-infused automation with each new connector. Seamless integration plays its role in accessing LLMs, supporting R.A.G., embeddings, and cultivating AI knowledgebases. Learn about our customer, Banca Progetto, and their success with the new Amazon Bedrock Connector. Then discover why IBM chose Connector Builder to create their WatsonX Connector for GenAI.

Scott Schoenberger 
Sr. Product Manager, UiPath
La Pergola
Chief Operating Officer,
Banca Progetto
Tom Ivory
Sr. Partner, VP Automation, IBM
Tom Moshier
Dev Team Lead, Solution Accelerators, UiPath

Building a successful IDP solution: Best practices from seasoned AI experts

Learn how to set up your IDP projects for success, accelerate the implementation time, and measure performance, based on the experience of our AI Solution Engineers.

Steve Tegeler
Senior Director, AI Solution Engineering, UiPath
Daniel Lerner
AI Solution Architect, UiPath
Nathan Ness
AI Solution Engineer, UiPath

From R&D to execution: The future of AI at work

Join an AI-powerhouse of a team, Mark, Ed and Luke, as they provide an overview of the UiPath AI roadmap and our on-going research and innovation across Generative AI and Specialized AI.

Dr. Edward Challis
Head of AI Strategy, UiPath
Mark Geene
SVP Product, UiPath
Luke Palamara
VP, AI Product Management, UiPath

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