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The modern data pipeline: Fast, frictionless, and automated

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Companies are battling a data boom. Data creation between 2020 and 2025 is forecasted to more than double the amount of data created since the beginning of the digital age. To keep up, automating data pipeline operations is critical for any data-driven enterprise.

In this white paper, UiPath together with Tableau, AWS and Snowflake explore the opportunity that data presents. We provide insights on how organizations can build a modern data pipeline that supports a data culture, removes friction, and delivers real-time data insights and automated actions that improve customer experiences, elevate client outcomes, and drive results for your business.

Gain insights on:

  • Accelerate the journey from insights to actions.

  • Minimize friction in your data and analytics pipelines.

  • Best-of-breed technologies remove friction and support data culture.

  • Keep your data scalable and secure across cloud environments.

  • Transform how you use data with visual self-service analytics.

  • Boost productivity and speed up actions with intelligent automation.

  • Learn more, make better predictions, and act faster with AI.

Becoming a data-driven enterprise is within reach. Why wait when you can take the first step? Whether you are a CIO, data analyst, business leader, or just keen to learn more, download your complimentary copy of this white paper to get new insights.

UiPath makes it easier for me to use intermediately skilled resources to build automations that get data blended into a single cohesive data model, get the data as clean as possible in an automated fashion, and auto-generate reports and presentations to push out to clients as research papers and insights.

- Dave Sawdey , Avison Young, Global Leader of Portfolio Analytics and Business Intelligence

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