Automate the modern data and analytics pipeline

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Remove friction, improve productivity, and expand capabilities across data and analytics.

Simplify data and analytics automation with our technology partner ecosystem

Optimized interconnectivity with UiPath partners reduces data complexity, facilitates the exploration of large-scale data sets, improves data quality and usability, and accelerates speed to insight-driven action.

Streamline workloads across the key stages of your data pipeline


Automate data collection and extraction

Leverage UiPath UI and API automation capabilities to collect data from virtually anywhere. Capture structured and unstructured data from any source, like legacy systems, documents, and local system files.


Automate data processing, preparation, and load operations

Simplify script maintenance and enrich your data on the fly with UiPath robots. Automate cleaning and preparation tasks and orchestrate conditional data loads.


Automate data quality activities

Verify your data is clean, compliant, and machine-learning ready by automating data quality testing. Utilize AI-based data validation and human-in-the-loop capabilities, and continuously test your data across all stages.


Turn decisions into actions

Deploy robots to trigger downstream workflows and accelerate the actioning of decisions from your data visualizations. Connect data from centralized storage directly into business processes.

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The modern data pipeline: Fast, frictionless, and automated

Build data momentum. Empower your teams. Unlock strategic innovation.

Looking for maximum impact from automation? Start here.

  • Data collection

    • Collect and synchronize data from custom browser applications or legacy systems like mainframes. For example, collect and synchronize financial data from websites hosting quarterly earnings reports or extract core banking systems data.

    • API-based data collection and synchronization with enterprise systems.

  • Data processing and preparation

    • Process and format unstructured data such as images, and emails. For example, extract customer feedback from a contact center analytics process.

    • Process and format semi-structured data such as XML and JSON for ingestion into a data warehouse.

    • Use machine learning (ML) models to augment data.

    • Clean, prepare, and administer data so it’s ready for analytics and ML tools.

  • Data loads

    • Data admin, cleaning, and preparation tasks.

    • Orchestrate conditional data loads.

  • Data testing

    • Metadata checks and data format validation. 

    • Testing for completeness, correctness, and data integrity. 

    • Perform reconciliation checks by comparing data row by row or comparing whole datasets. 

    • Test reports and analytics by validating selector and graphical data using UI automation. 

  • Data visualization

    • Scheduled dashboard generation and distribution.

    • Human triggered business processes from dashboards based on insights.


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Collect data from anywhere

  • Collect and synchronize data from custom browser applications or legacy systems like mainframes. For example, collect and synchronize financial data from websites hosting quarterly earnings reports or extract core banking systems data.

  • API-based data collection and synchronization with enterprise systems.

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Case Study

How Avison Young uses robots to predict the future

Avison Young pairs the best talent with the best tech thanks to a partnership with UiPath. Discover how they keep a forward-thinking team enabled with the best data.

Drive data momentum and address data challenges with the UiPath Business Automation Platform

Deliver real-time data insights and automated actions that improve customer experiences, elevate client outcomes, and drive results for your business.


Build resilient automations faster

UiPath API- and UI-based activities streamline data collection, while UiPath Database Activities connect the UiPath Platform to data in popular data warehouses like Microsoft Azure and Snowflake. Robots can interact, extract, process, and augment centralized data for downstream use.


Seamlessly trigger downstream processes

Optimize business-critical processes, such as supply chain management and customer service, by triggering automated workflows directly from within your dashboards with native connectors for TableauQlik, and Alteryx.


Automate with robots, escalate to humans

Automate data operations. And when robots need help handling exceptions, validation, or require input, automatically create a task and delegate it to a person with UiPath Apps and Action Center.


Ensure data quality

Test and validate data to increase the reliability of critical business processes, continuously—and at scale—with UiPath Test Suite.


Manage and scale Al for quicker results

Incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and ML models into your automations with the help of UiPath AI Center. Prebuilt models, AI solution templates, multiple deployment options, and a drag-and-drop interface make it fast and easy to deploy. Incorporate your own Al skills, pre-trained Al skills developed by UiPath, or UiPath Al technology partners such as AWS.


Unlock unstructured data

Get a 360-degree view of your data by incorporating unstructured data locked away in documents. Extract, interpret, and process data from documents (even from PDFs, images, handwriting, and scans) with UiPath Document Understanding.


Increase transparency and compliance

Use UiPath Orchestrator to schedule automations that execute scripts in a preplanned manner and at regular intervals. Orchestrator tracks and logs everything every robot does, along with everything people do with robots, so you can maintain compliance and security.


Monitor your automation ROI

Use UiPath Insights to track, measure, and manage the performance of your entire automation program. Easily report automation-generated time savings to your organization.

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