One of the biggest benefits of the digital tranformation movement has been the ability to deliver software in continous, rapid increments. Continuous delivery allows for a better customer experience with faster release of innovations and the ability to quickly address defects.

Having to test more and test faster, teams have turned to automation to address rapid delivery cycles. But traditional testing tools haven’t been able to keep up, and most teams need multiple tools and specialized skillsets to build automations. This is why our customers adopt UiPath Test Suite. Test Suite provides production-grade automation and best-of-breed integrations, allowing our customers to double their test automation coverage and build automations faster.

Enterprise Testing requires a test management tool that is lightweight, open, flexible, customizable, and seamlessly integrates into your ecosystem. UiPath Test Manager was designed to make automation accessible, whether you are using ServiceNow, SAP Solution Manager, Jira and/or Azure DevOps, adapting to your way of working.

“Test Manager is built upon the idea that software testing should be performed at any time, everywhere, in any form. It supports you in putting the ambitious vision of continuous testing into practice by providing a hub for development, IT operations, and testing teams.”

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