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UiPath Live: The Release Show: Introducing 21.4

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Enjoying this episode? Mark your calendars for May 20. We'll be breaking down our 21.4 product release.

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Having trouble with the stream?

Here are some tips: 

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I am having problems watching the stream

The most common problem when viewing streams is caused by outdated browsers. Make sure your browser is up to date, you can check your version at For a pleasant viewing experience, at least 5mbit/sec downstream connection is recommended.

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I have no sound

Make sure the volume is turned up, both on your device sound card and in the Vimeoplayer.

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My stream is lagging

This is normally due to slow internet connection. Make sure your player is set to Auto. This enables the Vimeo streamplayer to adapt to your current download speed. Be aware that it takes a few seconds for the player to adapt to any changes. If you want to check you internet connection, go to

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My stream is still lagging

Make sure no one else is connected to the same network, using up the bandwidth. Sometimes restarting your router helps.

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Can I view UiPath Live on Android?

Yes, you can watch UiPath Live on any device.

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Can I view UiPath Live on iPhone/iPad?

Yes, you can watch UiPath Live on any device.

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