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What’s the catch

UiPathers are friendly, and always up for a good talk or challenge. Whether you’re looking for specific answers, want to share your latest automation finds or simply want to connect with like-minded people, you can count on us to hear you out.

In a nutshell:

  • Learn new things, share knowledge and build next to members of the largest RPA Community in the world
  • Chat with the people behind the UiPath products, get support and send feedback in real time
  • Be the first to tap in to latest UiPath news
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UiPath Slack Community

Read.me first

UiPath Community Guidelines

Be generous and patient

Don’t worry if your questions or posts don’t get answered to instantly. Although quick to reply, our members live on different time zones, and they do go offline every now and then, just like you.

Be nice

We love a good debate, as long as it doesn’t get, well, too personal. Please keep that in mind and try to be polite and professional in your communication. Harassment, spam and related will get you banned.

Be precise

Please read channel descriptions or use your logic before posting something. We’re happy to answer questions, but we’d rather do so on #ama instead of #random.

Be a threads master

We cannot stress this enough. Use threads and keep your answers, questions and replies in-line. Nobody likes spam. Not even in a can.

Be in the know

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