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Flash Automation. Data Entry and Scraping on Flash

  • To be able to run this example, you need to install UiPath.Excel.Activities. See more details on how to install packages here.


This sample shows how to create flash automation in order to automate data entry and data scraping from  the following site.

Steps to automate

1. Read the CSV file with the addresses.
2. Open the site and follow the steps below under Solution. 
3. Write the result in the same CSV file.


  1. Read the CSV file and put into a data table using Read CSV activity.
  2. Using Record Web activity, follow the steps 3 to 10.
  3. Click the Begin button.
  4. Click "Enter An Address".
  5. Automatically enter the addresses from the CSV file one by one in the address field using a For each row activity.
  6. Click Locate Address.
  7. Click Location Correct.
  8. Copy the information about the address which is as follows:"The address you provided is within Economic Loss Zone ..." in the same CSV file , next to the address you have been looking for.
  9. Click Search Again.
  10. Click Locate Address until there are no more addresses in CSV file.
  11. Write in the same CSV file the information extracted from the site next to every address, using Write CSV activity.