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How do you remain competitive in a changing and automated world? Continuous learning.

UiPath Academy prepares you to excel in the emerging workplace through robust and enterprise-ready learning resources.

  • Online Platform

    Discover an exciting new career with the first and largest RPA eLearning solution

  • Comprehensive training documentation

    Leverage detailed guides for every facet of the UiPath platform

  • A virtual learning family

    Join your fellow students at the UiPath Forum

What’s great about UiPath Academy?

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    Learn in-demand skills

    RPA expertise is in high demand, and UiPath Academy offers you easy-to-use materials and accessible trainings to become skilled in all facets of RPA.

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    Discover exciting careers

    Whether you want to become a certified RPA Developer, RPA Solution Architect, RPA Business Analyst, RPA Implementation Manager or even an RPA Infrastructure Engineer, UiPath Academy has you covered with free learning resources.

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    Uncover a competitive advantage for your business

    As a business owner or manager, Academy frees your employees from manual and repetitive work, thus improving customer service, employee morale, response times, and productivity.

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    Get connected to the Automation First era

    Robotic Process Automation is quickly becoming a “must-have” tool. Just as almost everyone now uses a computer for their job, “a software robot for every employee” is on the horizon. Businesses without RPA are at a competitive disadvantage.

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"We have almost 150 Associates trained using the UiPath Academy. We have fully migrated all of our future training to use the UiPath Academy, and the Academy plays very heavily in our plan to get 100% of our currently working UiPath Developers fully accredited this year. Moreover, we are researching how we might be able to contribute some of our additional training (like Fractals) onto the UiPath Academy."

Shaun Dawson – AVP, Global Leader of IPA Center of Excellence, Cognizant

“Academy opened up a new path to develop…a new way to do things. I see Academy as the passport to a better job, to a better life”

Florent Salendres – Independent RPA Consultant

"The biggest benefits “are meeting people, learning new skills, and making friends”

Richard Denton – RPAbox / Managing Partner

“If you are beginning with RPA you must access the Forum and access the online Academy”

Lucas Pimenta – Capgemini / RPA Team Leader

"Academy has provided "a great opportunity to increase the capability of RPA across the organization,” and a “rapid increase in business users doing development."

Juliana Vergara Ramirez – Suncorp / Business Analyst, Robotics Platform

"We believe that proper training is essential to roll out company-wide RPA initiatives and realize further business value. In that sense, the Academy gives us the essential skills and knowledge to make our RPA journey successful from both technical and business sides."

Kazunari Akishige – RPA CoE Leader, SMFL Capital

“I have never been happier and more fulfilled in my career…and love being part of what feels like a movement or revolution.”

Dillan Hackett – Director, Hackett Consulting Services

"Without question, the UiPath Academy has been successful in helping to deliver on the promise of faster RPA implementations. Given the growth and success that UiPath has experienced in recent years, the development of large numbers of skilled resources to deliver implementations has and will continue to be a huge challenge. Easy access to quality training is an important factor in ensuring that this resource pool is developed."

Cathy Hughes – Principal, Machina Automation

"I started my journey as RPA developer a year ago and it was just to feed my curiosity about how to speed up my daily tasks as a Finance guy. It has been full of fantastic challenges and rewards. Now finishing ⅔ of trainings available in UiPath - one of the best places to learn about automation for free. Thanks to everyone that is a part of it."

Miguel Lopez – Senior Apps Developer RPA, UnitedHealth Group

"The Academy has a/the remarkable ability to accelerate the knowledge development of our customers. After attendees successfully pass the online courses we can start from a more advanced level to enable them to create production-ready enterprise automation."

Sven Manutiu – Managing Director, Roboyo GmbH

"The UiPath Academy and online courses have helped us speed up the learning internally and have extended our product knowledge faster than considering instructor-based courses. This was at no cost and at the time the learning was convenient to us. We especially encourage the Foundation course to be taken internally by everyone to quickly get to know the product and technology."

Dušan Oravský – Head of Robotic Operations Center, Covestro

"Impressive training material…and coverage of UiPath features and capability. The best part was listening to the narrator, thumbs up for him. Expectation met? Yes! Indeed. The most exciting thing was probably bringing up RE framework in L3 advance training with real time examples. And the UiPath bi-weekly RPA Q&A webinar. I’d like to wish all the best and success to UiPath team for their continuous hard work and the dedication."

Dilip Padil – RPA Developer, AXA, India

"The certification process ensures that the resources who are developed possess the necessary skills to be successful and to support and lead successful implementations. I would go so far as to say that the UiPath Academy, paired with the UiPath Community Edition allowing trained resources to gain hands on experience post-training, will in the future be viewed as key factors in UiPath’s long term success."

Cathy Hughes – Principal, Machina Automation

Discover Our Trainings


Duration: 4-5 hours

Audience: Anyone

RPA Starter Training

New to RPA? This is your first stop. Learn first-hand insights on the UiPath ecosystem, and how to apply automation to your business and personal lives.


Duration: 30 hours

Audience: Developers

Level 1 - RPA Developer Foundation Training

Interested in becoming an RPA Developer? Dedicated to beginners, this training walks you through the essentials of UiPath.


Duration: 4-5 hours

Audience: RPA Developers, Monitors, Orchestrator Admins

Level 2 - Orchestrator Training

Learn how to use UiPath Orchestrator through practical exercises and a free training environment.


Duration: 40 hours

Audience: RPA Developers, Solution Architects 

Level 3 - RPA Developer Advanced Training

Building on the RPA Developer Foundation training, this course explains how to leverage UiPath Studio through a specially built application simulating a production experience.


Duration: 2.5 hours

Audience: Business Analysts, RPA Developers

RPA Business Analyst Training

Learn Business Analysts’ role in the end-to-end process of an RPA implementation and how to successfully meet business requirements through RPA.


Duration: 2-3 hours

Audience: Project Managers, Program Managers, Technical Leads, Solution Architects

RPA Implementation Methodology Training

Discover UiPath’s implementation methodology, which is built from key customers’ feedback.


Duration: 3-4 hours

Audience: Solution Architects, RPA Developers

RPA Solution Architect Training

Through a dynamic mix of hands-on practical exercises and strong theory based on development best practices, this course presents the role of a Solution Architect, and how it fits in an RPA Robotic Operations Center (ROC) / Center of Excellence (CoE).


Duration: 6 hours

Audience: Solution Architects, Infrastructure, Orchestrator and Database Admins, RPA Developers 

RPA Infrastructure Training

Dive into architectural setup, deployment prerequisites, hardware and software requirements and security guidelines.


Duration: 1-1.5 hours

Audience: Anyone

Prerequisites: Infrastructure Training recommended

RPA Security Training

This course presents the security features implemented in the UiPath platform, as well as the best practices meant to ensure data and access protection.


Duration: 1 hour

Audience: General

RPA Licensing Training

Find out the licensing options available for each UiPath software component (Studio, Robot, and Orchestrator), and the benefits of each license type.


Duration: 1-1.5 hours

Audience: RPA Developers

SAP Automation Training

Covering theoretical concepts as well as hands-on exercises and quizzes, this training provides you with strong knowledge and guidelines to automate SAP-driven processes.


Duration: 12 hours

Audince: Anyone

UiPath 2018.4 Updates Training

This eLearning course is aimed at UiPath Enterprise 2018.4 version users, as well as any RPA enthusiasts and it focuses on the new features of UiPath 2018.4.


Duration: 11 hours

Audince: Anyone

UiPath 2019.4 Updates Training

This course highlights the new features of the UiPath Platform 2019.4, including updates to Studio, Orchestrator, Robot, Activities, and Driver.

Make Your Automation Ideas Real

As you learn, use UiPath Community Edition software to develop RPA solutions. It's free for individual developers, open source projects, academic research, education, and small professional teams.

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Reach new professional heights with the UiPath RPA Developer Advanced Certification, which is free until March 31st, 2020!

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Academy Prepares You for the Jobs of the Future Now

  • Which Centre of Excellence (CoE) role is right for you?

  • RPA Developer

    Creates time and cost-saving automations using UiPath Studio

  • Solution Architect

    Maps out end to end RPA solutions, and mentors RPA developers

  • Infrastructure Engineer

    Assembles the robotic workforce through infrastructure construction and Robot assignment in UiPath Orchestrator

  • Implementation Manager

    Ensures a successful RPA implementation through strong project management skills

  • Business Analyst

    Provides the Centre of Excellence (CoE) with automation ideas by documenting “as is” processes, noting areas of repetition and manual work

Academy Training Partners

Official Training Partners

Some businesses, partners and customers require specialized training for specific integrations, use-cases or industries. Our Official Training Partners can provide Advanced Developer Training, Business Analyst Training, and other, more-specific skills development resources.

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Discover the UiPath Ecosystem

Meet people and grow with UiPath Connect

UiPath Academy is part of UiPath Connect!, an open network of passionate RPA professionals that includes spaces to explore the latest and greatest from the UiPath community, grow your RPA skills and create innovative projects with teammates around the world

What will you connect today?

Post your work on UiPath Go!

Connect! also features UiPath Go!, your “one stop shop” for RPA. Through a wide variety of components, you can speed your time to RPA value, and avoid recreating the wheel as you develop. There are hundreds of components available today for Finance & Accounting, Legal, HR, governments, and many more.

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