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How to: avoid screen flickering when scraping

Flickering during screen scraping can appear only when using the "Native" scraping method. The Native method forces a repaint of the target window and in a few cases a flicker is visible.

In order to avoid or reduce flickering when scraping you have these options:

Option 1. Use FullText instead of Native method. FullText is lighter, has no flickering side effect and it is the recommended way to scrape data from UI controls.

Option 2. If you need to use Native (to get data from a certain region or where FullText is not working) try to minimize the scraped region. If you need to scrape an entire window try to select only the client area of the window (not the whole window including the title bar).

Option 3. OCR is your last resort to avoid flickering if it is a show stopper. OCR is slow and has only 95% accuracy but it works without flickering.