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How to Build your Workflows for Redistribution

Note: This article is deprecated. 
Step 1. Pull up your workflow in UiPath Studio
Step 2. Click on the Setup tab and click on Create App.
Step 3. This will pull-up the setup dialog box. Put a check on Include UiPath Runtime and enter the email address you use during activation. Enter the serial key.
Step 4. Install for all users. Enable this to allow access to the application for a machine with multiple users.
Step 5. Create Application Shortcut. Enable this for an easier launching of the workflow in production machines. You can specify your own keyboard shortcut for your application.
Step 6. Add your app to startup menu. Enable this if you require your application to run when a Windows machine is turned on.
Step 7. Click Create application button.

Step 8. That's it! The installation file will be have a .EXE extension and in Zip Format. 

Step 9. Locate the file in C:\Users\YourName\Documents\UiPath. Then use this to distribute in your production machines. 

Step 10. Install the app by simply double-clicking it.