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How to capture Image in Citrix that needs to be scrolled down to appear visible.

Citrix Automation and OCR works only with visible elements. You need to scroll the page by sending a page down key and then find the image. If image not found, repeat the process.

1. Open the UiPath Recorder by going to the Design tab and clicking on Record button.

2. In the Macro Recorder, Click on Element, Select keyboard and click Type.


3. This will open a pop-up. Find 'pgdn' key. This will generate a code. Press Enter when done.

4. Take note that depending on how long the page is, you might need to add multiple page down key to reach your target Image. In this case you will just need to add another page down again until the image is visible on the screen. Copy the code and paste it again, as needed.

5. Continue with the screen scraping once the image target is visible on your screen.