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How to Capture a Mouse Event on Hover Menus?

The following steps are applicable if you want to capture a mouse event on dropdown menus that are only visible when the main menu is mouse-hover. 

There are two simple steps to achieve this:

Recording a Hover Event

1. Open the Macro Recorder by clicking the Record Button in the Design tab


2. In the UiPath Wizards, click on Element > Mouse > Hover. 

3. This will activate the recorder. Click the main menu where the target sub-menu is located. The hover event will be saved and this will go back to the UiPath Wizards tool. 


Recording a Click event

1. The same process will apply. First pull-up the UiPath Wizard by clicking the Record button.

2. In the UiPath Wizards, click on Element > Mouse > Click. 

3. Once the Recorder is active, you can pull-out the dropdown menu by Pressing F2. This will temporarily disable the recorder for 3 seconds. Use the 3-second time gap to position your mouse over the dropdown menu.

4. Click the target element. This will save the second activity in your workflow.