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How To Check If An Element Or Window Exists

In some cases, you will need to perform a check to verify whether a certain application is opened or not. Of course, you cannot perform an automation on an application that is not opened. In this example Workflow, you will learn how to use the Exists Activity to verify if an application is currently opened.

Using the Exists Activity


1. In the Activities Panel, search for the Exists Activity.
2. Drag and Drop it in the Workflow
3. Indicate what application you want the automation to check. The Indicate on Screen command allows you to select an active application, so make sure that you have the app already opened before doing this.


Using the If Condition 

A boolean operation is the best way to decide what happens next. In this example, if the output is True, then the "Calculator window exists" message is displayed. Otherwise, "Calculator window does not exist" is displayed.
File Attached
Feel free to download and use this workflow sample.